Updated 2nd January 2016.

Yes, entire albums can now be heard here.

"Roused", "Ward Four" and "Divisions" are available, upon request, in physical format,
which means a CD that includes a booklet insert of original artwork,
designed and realised specifically for those recordings.
The hard stuff is printed and assembled on demand, contact me through paul@blackpaul.com.
Cost is presently whatever postage costs.
The next album "Fragments Knocked From A Body In The Course Of Its Hurtling" is taking shape.
Tracks are turning up, through the link, as the need arises.
I'd like to do things to "Monkey 'C'" but it's up for tasting as is.

I was contacted, out of the blue-ish, by the Gerpfast Kolektif, to contribute to a split-EP.
There are TWO new tracks out there that were put together scant months ago.
They're called "Bear Dance" and "The Heart of a Fly" and they aren't available anywhere else.
Have a listen.

The next actual, live, sound-making event is at the request of Omahara.
It will be to support the return of Omahara, after some quiet time,
in the acoustically reverberant, sandstone, Queen Victoria Powder Magazine
located in the domain near the entrance to the Botanical Gardens in Hobart.
It's best to be there at 7pm on the 9th of January, as Omahara is the headline.
There is actual documentation of such things happening here.
It occurred to assist in launching "Convergence",
a compilation of abstract, experimental and noise music made by the neighbours.
This compilation includes an entirely new Black Paul track unavailable elsewhere.

Further works continue to develop on a few different fronts.
If you have not had a look at The Surgical Sideshow site, do that.
The Surgical Sideshow is co-produced and co-everything else by Herbie V and Black Paul.
While Herbie V takes care of the visual and the conceptual, the sonics are pure Black Paul.
Exciting work progresses on a rather large feature film by The Surgical Sideshow,
curiously entitled “The Surgical Sideshow Epic”.

In addition, there is a weekly radio programme, that I have been curating, that features strange music
from all over. The programme streams live only. Listen to it here each Tuesday at 9pm AEDST.

Here are the albums.

Sensaural Modification
Farewell To the Known World
Ninth Circle
You're Driving Me Crazy

The cd includes five bonus tracks: two sets of numerous, early, loop experiments and a radio play. The radio play is a recital of "The Cowardly Lion" chapter from "The Wizard of Oz" as originally written by L. Frank Baum. Ali reads as Dorothy, Vaughn as the Tin Woodman and myself as the Scarecrow. Vaughn and I also simultaneously read as the Cowardly Lion and take turns narrating. He and I also composed and performed the opening and closing music together. The sound effects and incidental music heard during the play is pure Black Paul. The total running time, including bonus tracks, is 59 minutes.

The Golden City
Eyewitness Post-Mortem
Blind Flight
Hello, This Is Your Captain Peaking
Hooray House
And Now, Your Excellency
This Is Not A Text
Life Is Beautiful
Everything Is Fun

The cd contains a bonus track "Midday" performed by Spronck, the same "band" as "Hooray House". The total running time is about 51 minutes.

Down, Down, Down
Just Don't Want To Know
Bye, Paul
Do I Know You?
Robbie The Robot
Monkey Do
They Should All Be Destroyed
Drehzal No-Load

This is a collection of pieces inspired under the influence of techno and early, single-sample, industrial music. It was composed and recorded over the same period as the "Ward Four" album. The tracks were all based on samples played by a machine leant to me by the Man With The Hat. There are many guests and guest samples. Bonus tracks are "The Night Starts A-Coolin'" (bass and drums P. Lyons), "Life Under Half-Life" (with Sven Monk writing lyrics and playing lead guitar) and "Blue" (a Bean composition twisted by me). The total running time is 48 minutes.

I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P.
Those Shoes
Dirt Blanket
Damned Dance
Krissmuss Time Here
The Struggle
Celebration of Inevitable Loss
Love In Oblivion
No Time To Waste

The nine bonus tracks are really the other half of a very large album.
They were recorded over the same time as the first twelve tracks but composed and realised specifically for a set of short films.
"Escape of the Zipperfaces" was composed as the soundtrack for a friend's silent film. I've replaced the collaborative bits and expanded the range of everything else.
"Theme for Circle" and "Circle Self" were the title credits and soundtrack for another one.
Similarly, "Theme for Rocks" and "Rocks of the Ocean".
"UrSystem", "Returning From Zero" and "And Goodnight" were originally incidental musical interludes made for a film with dialogue and natural sound.
"Ur System" was the title sequence soundscape. I've pulled it apart and set the pieces into a psychoacoustic experiment. Enjoy.
"Returning From Zero" was a travel sequence and has similarly been deconstructed, experimented upon then rearranged. The original intention and integrity of the pieces has been kept in both cases.
"And Goodnight" was written as the music for the closing credits of a mainstream, online news show.
"Detroy the Evidence" is the soundtrack for my film. I hope to have it up and available at some point.
The total running time for the cd is 79 minutes.